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Terms & Conditions

Please read through our terms & conditions before submitting your application


By completing this form you are instructing us to order and pay for your booth construction, furniture, electrics, and clinical waste facility for the show. Once you have completed this form you agree that if you cancel within 6 weeks of the show, your full booth payment for all ordered artists will be due whether you choose to attend or not. You are agreeing that you fully understand the following Terms and Conditions of attendance and by making this booking...

You agree that you have permission to contract all named artists, and are responsible for the conduct of all named artists on this booking and will adhere to the terms and conditions of the Galway Tattoo Show as representatives of the named studio / organisation and will act in accordance.

You understand that you are declaring to us (the organisers) that you are 'authority registered' (legally allowed to tattoo as a professional), have met all guidelines required in your territory and can produce relevant supporting documentation if required.

You agree to work to the code and practice of Health & Safety regulations and to a professional and ethical Tattoo artists normal behaviours and practices whilst working at the Galway Tattoo Show. This includes al law, consent guidelines, and age restrictions pertaining to tattooing / piercing.

You are declaring that all named artists on your booking have been trained in cross contamination practices and have been tattooing a minimum of 3 years.

You are declaring that you, and those you have added to your booking have (will have) correct, valid Public Liability insurance in place to tattoo at the show. You understand you may be required to produce this documentation pre-show. 

You agree on behalf of all named on this booking to release Galway Tattoo Show (Events Team Ireland Ltd) and its employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedures of tattooing / piercing, damages, accidents, injuries or thefts in your work area as well as public areas of the Galway Tattoo Show. You should check that your insurance arrangements cover you for this.

You agree on behalf of all named on this booking to release the venue (The Galmont Hotel hosting the Galway Tattoo Show) and its employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedure of tattooing, damages, accidents, injuries or thefts in your work area, and general attendance at the show. You should check that your insurance arrangements cover you for this.​

You understand that you should have in place insurance arrangements to cover loss and/or damage to possessions/equipment you or your representatives bring to the event.

You and your named representatives undertake to act responsibly, professionally and with integrity at all times whilst on the The Galmont Hotel premises and surrounding sites.

You understand that any misdemeanour on your part (or the part of the named representatives) that may in some way damage the reputation or atmosphere of the show may lead to the organisers (Events Team Ireland Ltd) or the venue (Galmont Hotel) management requesting your (or your representatives) departure from the venue without further notice and with no refund.

You understand that if you cancel your booking within 6 weeks of show dates, that by submitting this booking you are entering into a contract and that payment must be made in full whether you attend or not.

You understand that by making this booking and you then decide to cancel at a later date by giving reasonable notice (8 weeks or before the show open date) that 50% of full payment will be returned only (if paid). If a 50% (or less) deposit has only been paid, no refund will apply. If cancelled less than 6 weeks before show date, no refund will apply and you will also be liable to pay the full amount of your booking if not done so already.

You understand that full payments only are refundable in the event that the convention is cancelled directly by sole decision of the organising team. Cancellation due to forces of nature, weather, virus / disease, socio-political conditions or any outside influence and circumstances beyond the organisers control carry a no refund policy. If the event is postponed and an alternative date set, then no refunds will apply, but your order will be transferred to the alternative date, or other selected tattoo show and will remain valid until redeemed.

You understand that any refund under any circumstance given by Galway Tattoo Show shall include no additional cost other than the booth price. Any refund will not include claims for transport, accommodation or any other associated cost with attendance at the show.

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